• ZW3D Piping Design Module

    Piping Design Module

    With this newly added module, it is more convenient than ever to design pipes with flexible routing ways, a vivid display of flow direction, rigorous specifications, powerful editing functions, etc. (not available in some countries/regions)

  • ZW3D Sketch Block

    Sketch Block

    Turn objects into sketch blocks and create new objects by inserting blocks and quickly changing their sizes.

  • ZW3D 3D Sketch

    3D Sketch

    Objects in a 3D sketch are three-dimensional, can be captured or constrained, and support the use of Intelligent Point Reference. You can directly use 3D sketches as contours, paths, curves, etc. for modeling.

  • ZW3D Geometry Healing

    Geometry Healing

    Analyze and quickly repair abnormal conditions (e.g. open edges, gaps, duplicate faces, intersection loops) found in the geometry of imported files.

  • ZW3D Layer Manager

    Layer Manager

    Quickly sort and organize model features in 3D: easily arrange layers via the Category attribute; control and edit layers with the Filter and Select Object in Layer functions.

  • ZW3D Customize Features

    Customize Features

    Create one feature with all features of some geometries so that you can easily reuse features and avoid repetitive work.

  • Intelligent Design Tools

    Intelligent Design Tools

    Raster images can be embossed on the surface of your model nice and quick with the Emboss command. Morph and Winding can be used for objects, surfaces, and STL models.

  • 3D BOM

    3D BOM

    The attribute information of all parts can be displayed in rows and columns of a 3D BOM, edited, and directly exported to 2D engineering drawings.

  • Batch Rename

    Batch Rename

    You can modify part names in batches with Rename Assembly without changing the assembly structure to rapidly morph serialized assembly items.

  • Flexible Sub-Assembly

    Flexible Sub-Assembly

    By changing the degrees of freedom of the sub-assembly in the general assembly, you can continue changing the sub-assembly components with DOF in the general assembly.

  • (Dis)assembly of Sub-Assemblies

    (Dis)assembly of Sub-Assemblies

    You can disassemble and drag the sub-assembly components, turn components into a sub-assembly, or save the sub-assembly as a new file or new object.

  • Automatic Annotation

    Automatic Annotation

    Efficiently generate linear/diameter/radius/hole dimensions and so on with all the objects in a view or annotate the selected objects.

  • PMI Annotation

    PMI Annotation

    You can add annotations to the 3D model. All the PMI objects can be listed in the view manager and directly exported to 2D engineering drawings.

  • Sheet Metal Design

    Sheet Metal Design

    Complex sheet metal design can be completed with Bend, Loft, Louver, Punch, etc. The imported files can be converted into sheet metal parts for unfolding, bending, or design. The advanced FastBlank functions allow you to generate the unfolded effect.

  • Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering

    Prepare point cloud data for surface generation by deleting, trimming, dividing, simplifying the imported point cloud. A perfect mesh can be created from the processed point cloud and automatically converted into a NURBS surface.

  • Data Repair

    Data Repair

    Accurately analyze and repair various geometric topological issues, including cracks, open edges, etc. Efficiently process model gaps and reconstruct missing faces to ensure a complete model and data quality.

  • Manufacturability Analysis

    Manufacturability Analysis

    You can check and verify the manufacturability of product structures with tools such as Draft Analysis, Thickness Analysis, and Undercut Analysis. Also, intuitive analysis.

  • Fast Parting

    Fast Parting

    The core, cavity, and other areas can be defined through parting lines or parting faces. Various handy tools are available for holes and parting faces creation, making it simple and clear to transform from the product to core and cavity.

  • Specialized Tools for Mold Design

    Specialized Tools for Mold Design

    Specialized tools are provided to quickly create runners, cooling systems, slide and groove, which can also be easily and intuitively modified.

  • Mold Standard Parts Library

    Mold Standard Parts Library

    The built-in library of mainstream mold bases and standard parts (MISUMI/FUTABA/HASCO/DME/LKM, etc.) are provided and user can create and customize their own standard part library.

  • Auto Mold Drafting

    Auto Mold Drafting

    Mold attributes can be automatically recognized. The engineering drawings of all components can be generated effortlessly according to the predefined type template while dimensions can be automatically added according to custom settings.

  • Electrode Design

    Electrode Design

    There are multiple ways to create electrodes. Functions such as bills of electrodes, electrode engraving, automatically generating electrode drawings, etc. can facilitate your electrode design.

  • 2-Axis Machining

    2-Axis Machining

    Features such as holes, grooves, and steps in parts can be automatically recognized so that efficient drilling programs and milling toolpaths can be generated according to user needs, greatly reducing your programming time.

  • Superior Roughing Strategies

    Superior Roughing Strategies

    Volumill™ for ZW3D can help generate optimized toolpaths with 50%-80% machining cycle time saved. Plus, the full depth of cutters can be used, sparing costs of cutting tools up to 75%.

  • 3-Axis Milling

    3-Axis Milling

    Over 40 types of 3X machining operations are available so that you can deal with all kinds of manufacturing work at ease. With QuickMilling, smooth toolpaths can be easily generated to guarantee high-quality surfaces.

  • 5-Axis Milling

    5-Axis Milling

    A complete solution for indexing and 4 to 5-axis machining that can work with STL files is available. You can make efficient use of functions like Swarf, Drive Curve, Flow Cut, etc. to produce fine components.

  • Turning


    Inside and outside Roughing, Finishing, Grooving, Threading, Facing, and Drilling are easy to use and useful for handling most turned parts. Turning cycles, simulation, and verification expedite the switch from manual programming and machining safely.

  • Toolpath Editor

    Toolpath Editor

    Get better toolpaths, improve machining efficiency, and avoid tedious parameter adjustments and toolpath re-calculation. The entire or partial toolpaths can be edited flexibly with tools like Trim, Re-order, Re-link, Extend and Transform.

  • Simulation and Verification

    Simulation and Verification

    Wireframe Simulation, Solid Verify, and Full Machine Simulation can realize reliable, efficient, and safe machining by detecting collisions, analyzing residue, etc. to avoid damaged machines, poor quality, and delayed delivery.

  • Post Processing

    Post Processing

    ZW3D comes with more than 80 default post-processors that work with all kinds of CNC milling and turning machines. Professional and localized post-processing support is at your service.

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